TMG Carpentry, Inc. is a full service remodeling company dedicated to providing solutions for homeowners remodeling needs. We offer professional services at affordable rates, and pride ourselves in our quality of workmanship and our honest and friendly approach to customer service.

What to Expect from TMG Carpentry

Whether it be new construction, remodeling or repair work, TMG Carpentry wants you to be fully satisfied with both the results of the project and with the service we provide. In order to effectively manage any size job, we have put together and honed a basic process that takes both of us from start to finish, keeping you involved enough to ensure you are pleased with the progress and the quality of work during each phase of the project.

We develop a schedule early in the process, and then we stick to it. We understand that you have both budget and time constraints, and we want you to be comfortable that we are following the plan, both on time and within the budget.

The basic steps of our plan are as follows:

    • TMG Carpentry, Inc. will meet with you and go over your specific needs.
    • Tom will then put together an estimate of your project.
    • Tom will meet with you to review the estimate and make any changes or additions, and modify the estimate as needed.
    • Once you agree to the estimate, a contract is put together with the project start and completion dates and a payment schedule.
    • TMG Carpentry, Inc. and/or our sub-contractors will apply for all permits as required, and get the inspections and signatures as needed.

Architectural and Engineering Services

On projects requiring design and/or engineering services, we work closely with a select few Architects and Engineers. Based on your specific project, we will be able to recommend the one best suited for your needs. If you already have architectural plans and drawings, please let us know and we will determine if we are able to utilize them.

Kitchen and Bath Designers

TMG Carpentry, Inc. also works with a number of kitchen designers to help you plan your new kitchen and cabinets.

Time Saver Tips for Choosing a Professional Service Remodeling Company

  • Instead of getting multiple bids from many companies, choose three companies that meet your needs.
  • Make sure that each company is licensed, insured and has good references.
  • Check the BBRS web site to find out if their licenses are in good standing, and if there are any outstanding complaints against them. (They should have a Construction Supervisors Licence if they are going to do any structural work, or an Home Improvement Contractors licence if they are doing non-structural work.)
  • Obtain qualified estimates in writing. Make sure you request the estimate for the same work or requirements from each company to ensure that you are comparing apples with apples.
  • Make sure the service company is agreeing to obtaining all building permits, in their name, for all work done. Do not get the permits for them, as then they are not responsible if they fail to get the inspections.
  • Ask to see similar work that they have performed for others. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the work in person, not just pictures, and be sure to ask the references about the companies professionalism and if they have stood behind their work.

Please contact us for one of your three estimates.